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 Welcome to Tarotfairy , a place where you can receive accurate tarot readings for help, advice, guidance or if you prefer just curiosity about the path ahead. I also offer psychic readings using pure clairvoyant skills and readings where i can link in with the Angels to bring their wisdom and guidance.I am an independent psychic and tarot reader working full time to help you with your worries, questions or concerns.

Fairy tarot card readings offer as much accuracy as traditional tarot card readings but the imagery is just a bit softer. Some people feel that only traditional tarot cards such as the rider waite cards should be used but i have found over the years that the true gift lies in the tarot card reader and not so much in the cards. All the symbolism and messages of the more traditional tarot cards are present in the fairy tarot but they have been lightened by the inclusion of fairy images and for me this adds to the tarot reading messages not detract from it. 

I, like many tarot readers, feel you should feel a bond with the tarot cards you read with and sometimes this can come from the most unexpected tarot deck....for me its the fairy tarot and  find the images provide a clear, accurate and indepth reading both for me and my many clients. I feel the fairy tarot cards are not so much a break from the traditional tarot cards more a variation off them.

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Fairy Tarot offers accurate and sensitive guidance by email or post. Why not book your tarot reading , psychic reading or Angel card reading today.

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