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About Me

Hi, I’m Lou and this is my site for tarot as well as some pure psychic readings. For the Tarot readings I read for you using the fairy tarot cards. Its actually quite hard to do the "about me" bit without rambling on about all manner of things not connected with tarot readings and, after all, a reading by tarot cards is probably what brought you here.
Tarot card reading is a large part of my life and has been for a long time but you wouldn’t think so if you met me, we all have images of the old lady with a head scarf carrying out tarot card readings at the end of the pier but that’s not me I’m afraid :-). Although I am a intuitive and professional tarot card reader I’m am also a normal person......as normal as anyone.
I first started reading tarot about 20 years ago, however this was something that I just did for close friends until one of my closest friends asked me of I would carry out a tarot reading for one of her friends "oh my god" she said, "how did you know that, you should do this for a living" and that was the start of me being a "professional tarot reader".
For me being a tarot reader or a psychic isn’t like a job, it’s become a way of life. Over the years I have expanded my knowledge of carrying out readings by tarot cards, 

I have studied many books, not necessarily to find out how but to gain more insight into the vast variety of cards
Every tarot reader has a slightly different view of the complex and sometimes hidden imagery of the cards and I like to understand the differing views, although I do feel personally that reading the tarot cards is something that comes to you when you open your mind and allow them to "talk" to you.

My friends would say (and yes, I have asked them for this) that I am the person who offers help but seldom asks for it, it’s not to say I have all the answers but I do find I can quiet my mind and listen to guidance, this is something I do on your behalf when doing your tarot card reading or when acting in my capacity as a psychic.
Fairy tarot cards are my favourite deck, I am a bit of a collector of tarot card decks as I find them fascinating....the many intricate images that are used to portray the different aspect of the tarot cards. I must point out that there is nothing to fear about tarot cards or fear about having a reading carried out by tarot cards, my intention is purely to help and guide you with whatever I can and to the best of my ability.
Ahhhh...there I go again rambling!....the rest about me, I’m no spring chicken, I have a good understanding of life from a practical experience point, my children have all grown up and are happily making their own life (ahhh the peace lol). I’m no prude and very little will shock me, as a professional tarot reader and intuitive I have over the years been presented with some unusual questions, so nothing much is new although it often feels like it when you have no one else to talk to. My place is not to pass judgement on you or your situation but to help where I can so please feel you can be honest and open with me and I will give the same in return. 

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I have strived to make this a friendly site & If this is you first visit, please take your time and have a good look around, any questions please dont hesitate to ask

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